My expat life in Perth

One week already that I have been living in Perth. It still feels quite weird to be here. Sometimes I still wonder when I will come back to Sydney…

So, how is it? Anything similar to what I expected about this new chapter in my expat life?

Not too bad...

  • Yes, it is a smaller city than Sydney… It is quieter but that it is actually quite fine with me as I am / was in desperate need of sleep after the move. I don’t mind this relaxing life. The other day I was rushing to inspect a place and thought to myself “am I the only one rushing right one in that city?” One needs to know that there are a lot of suburban areas and it can be pretty calm after a certain hour.
  • Yes, shops seem to close earlier. Lots of shops are actually closed or closing down. It can be a bit depressing sometimes while walking in the streets. I have been told that it can be quite hard for local businesses  as we are so far away from many things. So far, I have found whatever I have been looking for such as good local and organic products for my salads 😛
  • Yes, I do feel isolated in a way. Maybe because I have been on my own for a week. It is good sometimes so you can truly appreciate what you have and what you had previously. It reminds me how I felt when I first arrived in Barcelona and in Sydney. I get a bit more time to think after my final exams, packing, moving… While looking for a job and place to live in this new environment, I can reflect on what I really want in life personally and professionally. I just hope I can find it here now and soon!
  • Yes, having a car is preferable if you want to enjoy everything Perth has to offer. Otherwise, every trip outside is a long way to walk / ride to hehe. I need to get more familiar with public transport. After all I heard, I am curious to know if it is as shocking as I have been told. So far the train has not been bad at all.
  • Yes, people are really lovely. People have advised me where to look for a job or who to contact. I have been taken around and saw some beautiful areas. I can’t wait to explore more. While looking for a job I noticed that some websites appeared to be from a different era though and I was surprised how many invalid emails address people live on their webpages… Random I know.
  • Not too sure about the beautiful weather in Perth lol. It seems that I attract the bad weather with me. Since I arrived it has been grey and raining at least 3 days hehe. Nothing important but I would not mind a bit of sun while walking everywhere. Apparently everyone sort of hibernate at this time of the year over here. I have nothing against that, I just want a cave to hibernate too! But then I have to say when the sun shines, it is absolutely gorgeous. I went for a run in Cottesloe or for a drink to watch the sunset and I just loved it.
  • Perth is not necessarily cheap. I have seen some nice places to live but like everywhere else the rent can be quite expensive depending on the location and type of place you are after. I saw some gorgeous little places in Subiaco that I never came across anywhere else in Australia. If we can, I would love to live in that area. Surry Hills was my first choice in Sydney and it took me 6 years to find a decent place over there hehe. With the FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) in the mines (what my partner does at the moment), more and more people have moved to that side of the country. I heard the activity is slightly slowing down so more places are available. Areas like East Perth, Mount Lawley, Wembley, Highgate or South Perth seem to tick many boxes too.

It won’t be always easy but what can I do? It is interesting and challenging to start all over again. You forget sometimes what it truly means. I do believe that I need more time to make my mind about the place but these are my first impressions! I believe that in six month time I will be able to tell if this city works for me or not 😉

Have you lived in Perth? What were your first impressions about the city? Any suggestions?


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