How to make kefir

Please note that I will explain here the easiest way to make kefir. If you are a busy person or not very confident in your cooking skills, this recipe will be perfect for you!

So… How to Make Kefir?

  • Buy a kit starter that you can normally found in your good health food store (If you are in Perth or Sydney, Australia) do not hesitate to ask me recommendations.
Kefir starter

Example of a kefir kit starter

  • At night, in a big recipient stir content of one sachet into 1 litre of the milk of your choice. I chose organic cow’s milk here.

what milk kefir

  • Place the recipient in your sink filled with hot water. Make sure the water does not get into the recipient!

Use sink kefir

  • *** See temperature requirements ***
  • Leave overnight or at least for 12-14h let it rest until the kefir starts to settle.
  • Protect with a clean cloth and place in fridge for 12 hours.

Cover Kefir


  • Once the kefir has a smooth consistency similar to thin yogurt, you know it’s ready to drink!

Homemade kefir

Tips for later use

  • Collect ½ a glass of kefir that you can use for subsequent inoculation of 1 litre of milk.
  • You can repeat this process up to three times to make 5 litres of kefir in total.

Temperature requirements

In winter or if your place is quite cold, you might have to wait 24 to 36 hours with a temperature close to 20ºC until the kefir starts to settle.

If you have any question do not hesitate to let me know.

To read about the health benefits of Kefir and how to eat it, have a look at the following blog post I wrote here about Kefir Homemade Probiotic

What is kefir


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