How to sprout beans


  • Mung Beans (organic if possible)
  • (Filtered) Water


  • Glass germinator


  • You can find any glass germinator in any good health store. Same with the beans/seeds. I particularly like to sprout alfalfa and mung beans for my salads. If you do not have any glass germinator, a glass jar preferably with a thin grid made of strong paper towel for example and a rubber to secure it.

How do I sprout in 3 steps?

Use filtered water if possible.

1] Watering. Soak the beans. Leave like this for 24 hours on the kitchen bench. Make sure there is no direct sunlight on the beans.

Soaking mung beans

Soaking beans

2] Growing.  Remove the water, rinse the beans and remove the water again. Place the glass germinator on an angle and leave it for 24 hours. The day after rinse the beans again put it back on the same position. Do the same thing for a day or two. Really you will notice when the beans are fully grown.

Enzymes soak

how do i soak

3] Harvest.  Once ready, the beans will be ready to eat. You can keep them in the fridge for 2-3 days! The quicker you eat them, the higher the nutritional value will be!

soaking jar

To read more about the benefits of sprouting do not hesitate the visit the following page Have you heard of sprouting 



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