Free Nutrition Consultation – Sydney CBD, Australia

Would you like to see a nutritionist without being charged $100-200 for the consultation?

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Healthy living Perth & suggestions of road trips in Western Australia

Following my previous post about Healthy Eating options in Perth, here is now a selection of the things I enjoyed doing as a full-time nutrition student in Western Australia (WA).

WA has way more to offer. This post contains a few memories only of our time over there. Simple pleasures in life include…

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The importance of vitamin B12 in your diet

During our 7-week vegan challenge, for one of my clinic subject I happened to do a report on the importance of vitamin B12.  It is one of the first vitamin that comes to mind when thinking about a vegan diet as this vitamin is mainly found in animal sources. I thought it could be a good idea to share my findings with you.

So here we go …

What is Vitamin B12? Why is it so important for your health?

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Summer finally seems on its way here is Perth… Sunday we had 39 degrees, blue sky… and a lot of studies to do.

The perfect weather to eat a delicious and nutritious salad, ready in less than 10 minutes rich in good fats with plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

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Mature age student, nutrition & documentaries

Being a mature age student is sometimes really cool and sometimes quite annoying…

Researching information, projects, assignments, watching interesting docos…. There are a few things to consider 🙂


Multitasking or The life of a student in nutrition.. Listening to a webinar while cooking dinner or like today watching a documentary about nutrition!?


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