Free Nutrition Consultation – Sydney CBD, Australia

Would you like to see a nutritionist without being charged $100-200 for the consultation?

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Healthy living Perth & suggestions of road trips in Western Australia

Following my previous post about Healthy Eating options in Perth, here is now a selection of the things I enjoyed doing as a full-time nutrition student in Western Australia (WA).

WA has way more to offer. This post contains a few memories only of our time over there. Simple pleasures in life include…

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Healthy eating Perth Western Australia: organic options, whole foods and more

As some of you already know we moved back to Sydney a few days ago. We almost spent a year in Perth Western Australia and it was a really positive experience. Due to my interest in nutritional medicine I enjoyed looking for healthy foods, places or activity to do around Perth.

I love taking pictures of beautiful moments or places nevertheless there are times that are better enjoyed than shared on social medias. In my opinion it’s all about balance. So here is a quick selection of healthy healthy eating options that we enjoyed between 2013 and 2014. If you move to Perth or visit the area you might find these suggestions useful.

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Interview BlogExpat: From the South of France to Spain to Australia

I was recently interviewed by Blog Expat 🙂

The article is available here: From the South of France to Spain to Australia: enSalades.

You can also click on the logo to access the interview:

Expat Interview

In the interview we talk about my life abroad, how to communicate with home, what I like and dislike about being an expat in Australia.

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Inspiration 2013

I am somehow a bit superstitious when it comes to Friday 13th… and then we had to face a whole 2013…  I was a bit sceptical.

2013 actually turned out to be a great year for me.

I am grateful for all the experiences I lived as well as the people I met and know. Here is a brief summary of what happened…

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Christmassy smoothie… not really

While everyone is going on and on about Xmas, I decided to post the recipe of a red and green smoothie. I am not really in the Xmas spirit this year and to be honest with you it is quite refreshing. Or may be it’s just my smoothie… Anyway if you are a bit too stressed with everything going on at this time of the year, this weather is way too hot for you or you have ‘too many things on your plate’, this not-so-Christmassy- smoothie is for you!

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