Interview: Meet food photographer Sandrine from Little Berries & Co.

Hello! It has been a while since I published one of these motivational interviews… So you don’t have to wait wait any longer, today I am pleased to introduce Sandrine F. from Little Berries & Co.

Sandrine and I met down under a few years ago. A pretty funny story based on plenty of coincidences including a not-so-common French last name in Sydney around 2008… Over the years I have genuinely enjoyed following Sandrine through her beautiful pictures of landscape, people and most of all: food!  Continue reading


Free Nutrition Consultation – Sydney CBD, Australia

Would you like to see a nutritionist without being charged $100-200 for the consultation?

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Interview: Meet nutritionist Danielle from Food to Nourish!

Hello! Today, Danielle is telling us a bit more about her own international journey to nutrition…

I met today’s guest a few years ago when I attended a nutrition student clinic for the first time and realised how this career was resonating with me. A few years later, it was then a great pleasure to work with her in a different company. And now that I am in Perth, I can even enjoy her amazing Bliss Balls in the naturopathic clinic and health stores I am working in! Danielle knows how to explain in simple words how your food choices are so important for you and the range of products she is now developing is amazing….so please meet Danielle! 

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10 ways to reach your health goals by Nutritionist Helene from enSalades!

One of my articles was published recently on The Lean Body Coach’s website. In this article, I speak about finding the right balance between fitness, training, nutrition and body acceptance.

Some of my advice include:

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Guest interview on Pauline Hanuise’s website

If you want to read more about my own personal journey to nutrition, I was recently interviewed by Pauline Hanuise, a certified health coach .

Interesting story that demonstrates that you can fully recover and live happily ever after… an eating disorder!

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Inspiration 2013

I am somehow a bit superstitious when it comes to Friday 13th… and then we had to face a whole 2013…  I was a bit sceptical.

2013 actually turned out to be a great year for me.

I am grateful for all the experiences I lived as well as the people I met and know. Here is a brief summary of what happened…

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Interview: Talking about veganism with Rebecca Weller aka Vegan Sparkles!

Hello! Today, Rebecca Weller (aka Vegan Sparkles) is telling us a bit more about her own international journey to nutrition…

Rebecca is one of the first persons I contacted when I knew we were moving to Perth. It was really nice to connect with like-minded people on that side of the Australian continent too.

I believe in balance and variety when it comes to healthy eating habits. I do personally go vegan once a year (Read more here: Going vegan for 7 weeks?) and can see the different benefits of partial or total plant based diet. Not every diet will work for everyone so it is important to find what works the best for you. Do not hesitate to ask a specialist to make sure that you are doing the right thing 🙂

Talking about specialist, please welcome Rebecca Weller!

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Interview: Meet another French expat in Australia: Mademoiselle Slimalicious!

Hello! Today, Mademoiselle Slimalicious is telling us a bit more about her own international journey to nutrition…

Cyndie and I share a lot of things in common. We have similar backgrounds, interests in healthy eating, international career and goals in life. Through her blog, Cyndie inspires people to live a healthier and greener life so she is definitely a perfect guest for enSalades!

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