There is more to this fancy smoothie

Overall smoothies are very easy to make and it is possible to find thousands of simple smoothie recipes on the internet…

Well on a sunny day like today I thought something sweet and fresh would be lovely. I decided to use a variety of interesting ingredients I found in the health food store I work in. In the end, I came up with a tasty but I admit rather fancy smoothie…

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Healthy eating habits and something sweet

Having people coming over for dinner and very little time to cook?

Here is a healthy dessert suggestion. It took me 10 minutes to make and less than 2 minutes to eat it 😉 A bit too quick I hear you say? You might be right as eating slowly and mindfully is important.

Continue reading if you want to know more about healthy eating habits recommended by naturopathic nutritionists. Below are 5 keywords I suggest you to keep in mind when it comes to healthy eating! 

If you prefer to read the recipe now please visit the following page Healthy treat Choc, Chia, Banana

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Kefir: How to make your own probiotic yogurt?

It’s been a while since I said that I would explain how to make kefir… It is so easy to make and so good for your tummy you should really give it a go. Here is the easiest and quickest way to make it using a kit starter.

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Paleo soup recipe & Brief dot points summary of the paleo diet

We are back in Sydney and yesterday was the perfect day for a nice hearty soup. Easy and quick to make after a long cold day at work this soup was a real hit. Healthy and nutritious, I thought the recipe could interest you…

This recipe can be described as paleo, gluten & dairy free. Rich in lean protein and only made with whole foods, you should definitely give it a go!

If you are not sure what a paleo diet stands for keep reading…

To read the full recipe now please visit the recipe section here: Green Chicken Paleo Soup

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Scallops, haloumi, dukkah & raw zucchini salad

In my kitchen and recipes, I use fresh healthy ingredients and like to keep some ingredients raw to preserve their vitamin content. I also find spices naturally enhance the flavours of my dishes. This gluten and nut free recipe is rich in lean protein and good fats that is so quick and easy to make that you have no excuse but to try it! 

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Health balls

To share or not on Valentine’s day….

If you haven’t heard of bliss or amaze balls, it is not too late. But I have to warn you, once you have tried them it is really hard to go back… Are you sure you want to keep reading ?!?

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Not so sweet lemon, banana & avocado treat

It appears that the more you cut unnecessary sugars in your diet, the less you appreciate really sweet desserts.

Nevertheless, now and again you might still feel like something sweet after a meal… This recipe is then what you really need! No baking involved in this vegan, gluten and dairy free recipe made with mostly whole foods and love…

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How to make nut milk

Today, we will cover how to make your own nut milk. You won’t believe how easy, quick & healthy it is!

What do you need to get started?

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