Impressions after 7 weeks on a vegan diet

And we did it again ! We completed our vegan fast! Once again it was an interesting experience that made me realise that being an healthy vegan is not always easy. It is primordial to be well-informed as there are many aspects to consider and balance in your diet.

This is how the fast went week after after…

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Two weeks in a vegan’s plate: meal suggestions for healthy vegans

It has been more than two weeks that we are on a vegan diet… Before this fast, the concept of being vegan was very foreign to me. I learned already a lot from last year’s experience. This post might give you an insight of what you can eat on a vegan’s diet or give you ideas of meals if you are already familiar with this plant-based diet.

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I won! Look what arrived in the mail!

I still cannot believe I won the Vitamix challenge doing something I genuinely believe in and would have done anyway!

My blender / food processor has arrived in the email 🙂

I can hear you ask :

Why is it still in the box then????

I explain the reason very soon …

Have a lovely day xx


Vitamix Challenge: Done!

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I really enjoyed the experience!

I recommend you try at least one morning having a green smoothie!

Want to know more about the challenge or the green smoothies I prepared, visit the links below:

Have a lovely day!

Wish me luck for my final exam tomorrow!!!!

Day 6 : Green Serene smoothie & healthy living tips

Day 6 already?!… This challenge is going way too fast. I can’t believe how easy it was !!

The only advice I have regarding this challenge would be to be organized as a balanced and nutritious diet requires a bit of planning.

What do I mean?

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Day 5 – Green Trampoline & Healthy pregnancy

Today is a public holiday in Australia (at least in NSW, it is Queen’s birthday).

For me it won’t change much as I have to study for my final exam in 3 days…

So, getting up early to have a green smoothie and study was part of my plan. Living the dream … hehe

As you may have noticed this week, most of my smoothies are 1 serve only. My partner is away for a week and we don’t have children (yet :)).

Nevertheless, I believe that these green smoothies will be good for them when they come along


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Day 4 – Green Vaccine

On Thursday and Friday, many people came to the shop with a cold looking for natural remedies.

Because of the cooler weather,  more and more people are getting sick. Like many, I really cannot afford to get sick right now so boosting my immune system is essential. One way to do it is a high consumption of vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamin C so this green smoothie was perfect in that regard.

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