$15 Nutritional Medicine Clinic Treatment – Sydney – CBD

Hi there!

Back in Sydney with a different last name but the same nutritional medicine skills! Off the plane and already in student clinic for my final semester!

I am now really close to become a fully qualified practitioner so while it’s possible:

Would you like to see a holistic nutritionist for $15 only?

It won’t last long hehe Over the last three years I have assisted hundreds of customers and can help you with:

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Healthy wedding planning checklist: 6-9 months to go

Following my previous post Healthy wedding planning checklist 1, you soon realise that there are MANY things to organise… 

This post will mainly focus on the honeymoon, body acceptance (ze white dress) and health goals as well as the long-term commitments!

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Healthy wedding planning checklist: 12 months or more to go

I actually started thinking about this post over a year ago. I am now running out of time and thought it was time to press the ‘publish’ button.

I never dreamt about getting married and absolutely had no idea what the fuss was behind the organisation of such event. Now I do understand and better get this right the first time 😉

We have been twice in this roller coaster of emotions while announcing, organising  and celebrating our engagement party on the other side of the world.  As a result I learnt and am still learning a few things worth sharing.

After reading, pinning, talking to experienced couples, searching the internet and watching crazy-wedding-related TV reality shows I realised that there was definitely room for some holistic advice in the preparation of such a stressful event. Leading a healthy lifestyle encompasses more than eating your organic veggies and sleeping 8 hours per night… Healthy relationships are essential and stress should be handled properly. Many questions can cross your mind when deciding to marry and hopefully spend the rest of your life with another human being.

My first intentions were to make this post short and straight to the point. It did not happen. In order to make it easier on the reader I decided to break this post chronologically.

So here is the first part of my personal checklist for a healthy wedding preparation. Healthy expectations & relationships…

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Healthy eating habits and something sweet

Having people coming over for dinner and very little time to cook?

Here is a healthy dessert suggestion. It took me 10 minutes to make and less than 2 minutes to eat it 😉 A bit too quick I hear you say? You might be right as eating slowly and mindfully is important.

Continue reading if you want to know more about healthy eating habits recommended by naturopathic nutritionists. Below are 5 keywords I suggest you to keep in mind when it comes to healthy eating! 

If you prefer to read the recipe now please visit the following page Healthy treat Choc, Chia, Banana

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Free Nutrition Consultation – Sydney CBD, Australia

Would you like to see a nutritionist without being charged $100-200 for the consultation?

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10 ways to reach your health goals by Nutritionist Helene from enSalades!

One of my articles was published recently on The Lean Body Coach’s website. In this article, I speak about finding the right balance between fitness, training, nutrition and body acceptance.

Some of my advice include:

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Body acceptance

This semester I am doing a subject on Food and Sociology. I found this paragraph quite interesting and wanted to share it with you.

 The “Ten basic tenets of size-acceptance” by dieticians Joanne Ikeda and Ellen Parham: 

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