Interview: Meet food photographer Sandrine from Little Berries & Co.

Hello! It has been a while since I published one of these motivational interviews… So you don’t have to wait wait any longer, today I am pleased to introduce Sandrine F. from Little Berries & Co.

Sandrine and I met down under a few years ago. A pretty funny story based on plenty of coincidences including a not-so-common French last name in Sydney around 2008… Over the years I have genuinely enjoyed following Sandrine through her beautiful pictures of landscape, people and most of all: food!  Continue reading


There is more to this fancy smoothie

Overall smoothies are very easy to make and it is possible to find thousands of simple smoothie recipes on the internet…

Well on a sunny day like today I thought something sweet and fresh would be lovely. I decided to use a variety of interesting ingredients I found in the health food store I work in. In the end, I came up with a tasty but I admit rather fancy smoothie…

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Eating healthy while traveling

Eating well makes me happy. I let you imagine how happy I was while traveling at the beginning of the year 😉

Here are 6 keywords or easy principles that we like to apply whenever we can, at home or while disovering the world…

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$15 Nutritional Medicine Clinic Treatment – Sydney – CBD

Hi there!

Back in Sydney with a different last name but the same nutritional medicine skills! Off the plane and already in student clinic for my final semester!

I am now really close to become a fully qualified practitioner so while it’s possible:

Would you like to see a holistic nutritionist for $15 only?

It won’t last long hehe Over the last three years I have assisted hundreds of customers and can help you with:

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Healthy wedding planning checklist: 2 months to go – Wedding day

Well… Here I am.

I am running out of time. Time to listen to my own advice now.

Time to dream

I am sure I will still learning many important things during the time leading to our big day but will try to remember that perfection is overrated.

Things will go the way they supposed to go and it is impossible to control everything.

Remember to live your dreams but not to let your dreams ruin your life.

enSalades 2015

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Healthy wedding planning checklist: 3-5 months to go

First of all! Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2015!

My 115th post on the 15.01.2015… And if you know me a little these 2 numbers means a lot for me this year.

2015 Helene enSalades

Well around here it is all about celebrations… Wedding preparation & healthy living, the two topics I keep talking about these days… Following my two previous posts Healthy Wedding Planning 1 and Healthy Wedding Planning 2, I will now talk about natural beauty, celebration, communication and organisation skills. 

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Healthy summer salads

ah… the silly season. This time of the year down under is usually hectic with celebrations, shopping and errands. 2014 is no different except that the recent events here in Sydney, Australia brutally reminded us that it is important to enjoy life to the fullest and so everyday,..

Being healthy is then essential so we can make the most of each day. I always say to my patients:

if you cannot find the motivation to be healthy just do it for your loved ones and all the happy occasions you want to live with them.

During summer and the silly season the weather is usually perfect for a healthy salad full of nutrients and vitality so here is a selection of ingredients to combine in yummy summer salads… Between parties and celebrations your body will be thankful for a healthy meal.

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Healthy wedding planning checklist: 6-9 months to go

Following my previous post Healthy wedding planning checklist 1, you soon realise that there are MANY things to organise… 

This post will mainly focus on the honeymoon, body acceptance (ze white dress) and health goals as well as the long-term commitments!

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