Interview: Meet food photographer Sandrine from Little Berries & Co.

Hello! It has been a while since I published one of these motivational interviews… So you don’t have to wait wait any longer, today I am pleased to introduce Sandrine F. from Little Berries & Co.

Sandrine and I met down under a few years ago. A pretty funny story based on plenty of coincidences including a not-so-common French last name in Sydney around 2008… Over the years I have genuinely enjoyed following Sandrine through her beautiful pictures of landscape, people and most of all: food! 

So Sandrine… tell us a bit more about your own international journey to nutrition…

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Sandrine, a food photographer, foodie and home cook. I love cooking for my friends and gather then around a big table (which not always so easy in my little London flat). When I am not in the kitchen, I like spending time at the farmers’ market to get local and seasonal fresh fruits and veggies; and at antique markets or charity shops to find new props for my collection. I am also quite crafty, ie painting my own boards, renovating furniture and sewing napkins, tablecloth and cushions. Last but not least, I am also writing a blog about food, sharing some recipes that inspired me and other food events and discoveries here and there.


What is your background? Where have you lived? Or where have you travelled?

I studied at business school and worked in the retail property world for 15 years. I started photography as a hobby 7 years ago and got totally hooked! I lived in France, then Sydney in Australia, Luxembourg and I currently live in London. I also have travelled quite a bit around the world as my Dad used to be a pilot and I have always loved to follow him.


What do you think your international experiences taught you?

I discovered new flavours, spices, fruits and vegetables. I learnt new ways of cooking. My travels have definitely broadened my horizons re food and made me eat even more diversified but I still keep some deep rooted French habits: bread and cheese.

How did you become interested in nutrition?

I think I have always known how to eat healthily but recently with my last job I did travel so much that my metabolism got disrupted and I put on weight over the years because of the stress and food cravings for sugar. Not to mention I did not realise I was eating far too much in quantity than I used to. So I wanted find a new balance to avoid being tired and hungry at the wrong times.


What does ‘healthy eating’ mean for you?

Healthy eating’ means for me eating everything in a balanced way, in other words having a diversified diet and eating rather small portions. I believe in home cooking to control what you put in your plate and make the right choices for you

What is your favourite ingredient for a salad and why?

I love adding spring onions/scallions (or ‘cébette’ in French) to all my salads when they are in season as it brings a nice flavour twist.

Do you have any salad recipe or green advice you would like to share with the readers of enSalades?

I have just come back from the South of France, so I thought this simple ‘à la niçoise’ salad, is perfectly timed to share with your readers.

The full recipe is available here: Salade Niçoise Recipe


Thank you for answering all my questions.

You can connect with Little Berries & Co on social media.

Have a lovely day!


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