Eating healthy while traveling

Eating well makes me happy. I let you imagine how happy I was while traveling at the beginning of the year 😉

Here are 6 keywords or easy principles that we like to apply whenever we can, at home or while disovering the world…

“A well-planned diet delivers adequate nutrients, a balance array of nutrients and an appropriate amount of energy. It is based on nutrient-dense foods, moderate in substances that can be detrimental to health and varied in its selection”


Think about nutrient-dense foods (e.g. fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds, … ) and eat plenty to provide your body sufficient energy and remain healthy.

Argentina empanadas

Empanadas in Buenos Aires


It is important to look at the foods we eat and where they come from etc… In some occasions it is not possible to be too picky, in others it is not worth it…

Fresh fish New Caledonia

Fish and rock lobster straight from the sea in New Caledonia

Rock Lobster New Caledonia

Papaya salad New Caledonia

Papaya salad…

Snails New Caledonia

and yeah… Big snails …


If you are very active during your holiday, make sure to eat enough to meet your energy requirements. On the contrary excesses can also make you feel unwell. It’s then always important to listen to your body and the signs it is trying to send. Lethargy, headaches and bloated tummies are not welcome on your holiday!

Green juice Sf

Not eating your 5 vegetables and 2 pieces of fruits daily? Green juice as an occasional quick fix…


Don’t wait to be hungry to look for a place to eat. It’s like going to the supermarket on an empty stomach… The odds of making healthy choices are not in your favour. Sometimes doing your homework beforehand will help you be time efficient. Plan ahead and then when hungry you already know where to go!

Tapas Argentina

Tapas in Argentina


Same as above. If you do your homework you do not always have to spend big bucks to eat well. Healthy nutritious meals can definitely be very affordable.

Fresh bananas New Caledonia

Fresh bananas for breakfast in New Caledonia


Enjoy your food all the time and indulge occasionally if you feel like it. Remember the 80-20 rule? Be good 80% of the time and be a bit more flexible with the other 20% 🙂

Organic icecream SF

“Organic” ice-cream…

Best mojito Tulum

Best mojito ever…

Love coffee San Francisco


“Variety is the spice of life”… Eat different foods every day and you won’t get bored by your meals.

Healthy food Tulum


Healthy mexican food San Francisco


Vegan Mexican Food San Francisco

Food … It can be so versatile! 

The Little Chihuahua, San Francisco

Time to get back to my patients in clinic …

Based in Sydney and keen to speak about healthy eating? Check the following link: Nutrition Consultation Sydney Australia

Have a lovely day!




Whitney, E, Rolfes, SR, Crowe, T, Cameron-Smith, D & Walsh, A 2011, ‘Understanding Nutrition, Australian & New Zealand Edition, Cengage Learning Australia, Melbourne.

Mexican food with a view

Mexican food with a view…


7 thoughts on “Eating healthy while traveling

  1. Are these all your own pictures from your travels?! Gorgeous pics and some great tips from someone who loves to eat healthy and travels a lot. ❤


  2. Depending on where you travel to and who you are with, it can become difficult at times to find all of the nourishing foods our bodies crave. I was able to eat well probably 75% of the time on my last 10 day get away, but I know if I really tried I could do 100%.


    • Thanks for commenting.

      I completely agree with you… During one part of our trip, food choices were really limited nutritionally. It did not matter at all as good company and beautiful landscapes made it totally worth it!

      Hope you enjoy the end of the week 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Je vois que ton voyage était très riches en expériences dégustatives à côté des magnifiques payasage 😉 Je ne t’oublie pas! J’ai vue ma copine nutritioniste à Paris et je vais te dire ce que l’on va faire ensemble. bises


    • Haha! On s’est bien régalés effectivement dans tous les sens du terme 🙂 C’est que tu as aiguisé ma curiosité, j’ai hâte d’en savoir plus! Bonne fin de semaine et à bien vite xx


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