Healthy wedding planning checklist: 2 months to go – Wedding day

Well… Here I am.

I am running out of time. Time to listen to my own advice now.

Time to dream

I am sure I will still learning many important things during the time leading to our big day but will try to remember that perfection is overrated.

Things will go the way they supposed to go and it is impossible to control everything.

Remember to live your dreams but not to let your dreams ruin your life.

enSalades 2015

There is not such a thing as a perfect wedding… I hope to go with the flow and remember that if anything goes wrong it can potentially make a great story later on! I might also edit this post when returning from our little cloud of happiness.

For now time to live my own dreams. A lot of my dreams will be fulfilled in 2015 as I hope to make every minute count and enjoy the company of my family and dearest friends while  – hopefully – not driving them crazy 😉 I will also get the chance to visit places that have been on my TD list for way too long in the best company possible. I cannot be more grateful.

Bye for now.

Do not hesitate to seek the help and guidance of a nutritionist to reach your health goals during your wedding planning and silly season.

FYI – My nutrition consultations will resume mid February 2015. Do not hesitate to follow/contact me for more information.


To be continued…

2015 Helene enSalades

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Healthy wedding enSalades Helene

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