Healthy wedding planning checklist: 12 months or more to go

I actually started thinking about this post over a year ago. I am now running out of time and thought it was time to press the ‘publish’ button.

I never dreamt about getting married and absolutely had no idea what the fuss was behind the organisation of such event. Now I do understand and better get this right the first time 😉

We have been twice in this roller coaster of emotions while announcing, organising  and celebrating our engagement party on the other side of the world.  As a result I learnt and am still learning a few things worth sharing.

After reading, pinning, talking to experienced couples, searching the internet and watching crazy-wedding-related TV reality shows I realised that there was definitely room for some holistic advice in the preparation of such a stressful event. Leading a healthy lifestyle encompasses more than eating your organic veggies and sleeping 8 hours per night… Healthy relationships are essential and stress should be handled properly. Many questions can cross your mind when deciding to marry and hopefully spend the rest of your life with another human being.

My first intentions were to make this post short and straight to the point. It did not happen. In order to make it easier on the reader I decided to break this post chronologically.

So here is the first part of my personal checklist for a healthy wedding preparation. Healthy expectations & relationships…

Going through engagement and wedding preparation together gave us a really good idea of what married life could be like. I do believe that this whole year made our relationship healthier and stronger.

Healthy Wedding Preparation Countdown Checklist

Getting engaged!

Congrats! Now that everyone is already asking you when will be the big day, you might want to start planning.

12 months or more to go

Healthy expectations

  • Define clearly your expectations. When do you want to get married? Can everyone attend on that day? What sort of celebration? How many celebrations? Any religious ceremony? Oh and what religion in what country or language? Theme? Colour? How many guests? Locations? Type of food? Music?

  • You might want to discuss these topics early to avoid any confusion later on… [Sarcastic Insider Tip: you might disagree with your partner… ]

2015 Helene enSalades

Healthy relationships

While going through the guest list you might reconsider certain relationships. Some people will show their true colours. You might be disappointed but will soon be able to focus on the healthier bonds you have in your life.

Certain past relationships will be left behind while you focus on the present and shape the future ones. Your definition of family and friendship might be redefined and it can be genuinely liberating.

  • Be flexible and learn to compromise. Even if referred as ‘your’ special day many people might become involved in the organization of your wedding. Be prepared and prioritise. It is impossible to make everyone happy but some decisions can mean a lot to your partner or families.

  • Choose your support network and bridal party carefully. Surround yourself by positive and supportive people that will be there when you need them the most. Nurturing relationships are essential for a happy and healthy life. Delegating, reaching for help or venting your frustration can be considered as healthy just don’t become a Bridezilla!
  • Planning on extending the family shortly after the big day. Be aware that it can take up to twelve months for the body to get ready for a new addition in your little tribu. Planning ahead can be useful as well as an early visit to the GP. It might be the right time to swap contraceptive methods, have a blood test done or look into health cover options. Think about a varied whole food diet, adequate protein intake, antioxidants, omega 3 and hydration. Foods rich in zinc are recommended for men. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a nutrition specialist

Marriage is more than two rings and a pretty white dress…

Divorces are on the rise. Well in my opinion they fail to mention how admirable it is to make it to the big day in the first place! So many decisions are to be made. Not all of them are important but the ones that count will definitely provide clues on how you will handle married life together.

To be continued…

Healthy nutrition wedding Australia

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