Healthy eating habits and something sweet

Having people coming over for dinner and very little time to cook?

Here is a healthy dessert suggestion. It took me 10 minutes to make and less than 2 minutes to eat it 😉 A bit too quick I hear you say? You might be right as eating slowly and mindfully is important.

Continue reading if you want to know more about healthy eating habits recommended by naturopathic nutritionists. Below are 5 keywords I suggest you to keep in mind when it comes to healthy eating! 

If you prefer to read the recipe now please visit the following page Healthy treat Choc, Chia, Banana

As you already know healthy eating means a lot to me… But what is healthy eating after all?

For me, it’s all about nourishing your body and providing all the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

What does healthy eating mean to you?

You are responsible of your own health so it is really important to know yourself well. Answering the following questions can help you to consider different aspects and if you are still confused do not hesitate to contact me or a nutrition specialist.

My Top 5  Healthy Eating Keywords


Your health is rather fragile. Look after yourself and don’t wait for your health to deteriorate to do something about it. In addition, you don’t have to be bloated, tired, depressed or in pain everyday … The healthier the choices you make now, the better quality of life you most probably enjoy later in life.

Your body is your best ally. Don’t work against it as it might be quite confused when you decide to starve it, punish it with crazy gym routines, restrict certain foods before you binge on something ‘naughty’ and start all over again the following week…

Ask yourself. Am I hungry or angry? Do I eat when I am bored or upset? Do I listen to my body? Do I rest when I am tired? Do I know my limits? Why am I treating my body like this? Do I chew my food properly? Do I take time to eat? Am I full?

Listen your body and learn from it.

Healthy cheat meal


Your body does the best it can to help you. Don’t take your body and health for granted. It is so complex and clever and already learnt in so many ways to adapt and change. The human body developed an ability to use and thrive on different nutrients from various types of foods. Try to keep in mind that many body systems require these nutrients for optimal function!

Questions to ask yourself. Am I diversifying the food in my diet? What are the ingredients in the foods and supplements I consume? Why any type of diet would is relevant to my health? Do you eat/drink enough/too much? What are the long term effects of this diet? Am I informed well about food and nutrition?

Learn how to help yourself.


What really motivates you in life? Sometimes it’s just a question to break out of the vicious cycle you may find yourself in and step in a new healthy direction. It generally does not happen overnight… One step at the time… One small change per day, week,… what works the best for you!

Healthy meal prep

Meal preparation: less than 15 minutes to make two healthy meals

Friends, family or a naturopathic nutritionist are there along the path to help you when you are lost or ready to give up…

Questions to ask yourself. How can I become healthier? What impact would it have on my entourage? Do I really want to be happy and feel confortable in my own skin? What will help me reach my goals? What are the obstacles?

Step back or look for new perspectives. Plan, shop, cook and prepare in advance so you have plenty of healthy options already ready so you can  resist the dark side of the force 😉

Healthy nutritious choc dessert


Stop comparing yourself and be grateful for what you already have. We cannot really return our bodies and ask for a refund after all… It is important to learn how to nourish your body for health and energy instead of I-need-to-loose-5-kgs-and-fit-in-these-pants-in-less-than-2-days type of attitude.

Questions to ask yourself. Do I eat positively? Am I grateful for the food in my plate? Do I waste food?

Last but not least…


Questions to ask yourself. Do I enjoy eating? When was the last time I had something I really wanted to eat? What is so good about my so-called comfort foods?

Enjoy your food! Life is too short… If you are healthy, try to be good 90-85% of the time and indulge 10-15%. If you crave something sweet, don’t always deprive yourself. Moderation is a word you will read a lot on my blog enSalades. You can also opt for healthier options or healthy treat like my Choc, Chia & Banana dessert 😉

Top 5 healthy eating keywords

Want to talk about healthy eating with me?

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question. I still have a few spots on Fridays for free nutrition consultations and would love to help you answer all these questions. More information about the consultations here Free Nutrition Consultation Sydney Australia 

Stay healthy & have a lovely day!



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