Paleo soup recipe & Brief dot points summary of the paleo diet

We are back in Sydney and yesterday was the perfect day for a nice hearty soup. Easy and quick to make after a long cold day at work this soup was a real hit. Healthy and nutritious, I thought the recipe could interest you…

This recipe can be described as paleo, gluten & dairy free. Rich in lean protein and only made with whole foods, you should definitely give it a go!

If you are not sure what a paleo diet stands for keep reading…

To read the full recipe now please visit the recipe section here: Green Chicken Paleo Soup

What is this Paleo diet?

This diet is also called:

  • Paleolithic
  • Stone Age
  • Caveman
  • Hunter-Gatherer
  • Ancient diet

The aim is to eat foods similar to the ones our ancestors were eating originally.

Health benefits

Our diets changed tremendously over the years and some current evidence question the ability of the human body to process the foods we have incorporated to our diet. Some of the main health benefits of this diet include weight loss and decrease in blood sugar levels.

Paleo Whole food soup

Here is a short summary of the foods recommended and better avoided for patients that decide to follow a paleo diet.

Foods recommended

  • Protein. Grass fed meat for instance, fish, eggs.
  • Plants. 2 or 3 times more than your protein intake. Think diversity in your food choice and high fibre content.
  • Carbohydrates. Opt for whole foods, nuts and seeds.
  • Healthy fats. Mainly the ones found naturally in meat, fish and veggies. Olive oil and butter are ok.
  • Organic. No pesticides, preservatives, additives or GMO.

Chicken paleo soup

Limit the consumption of

  • Refined, processed and overly acidic foods.
  • Grains, flour
  • Alcohol
  • Sodium
  • Oils
  • Dairy products

Before starting to follow a certain type of diet it is really important to consider your personal history and the repercussions it can have on your overall health.

If you are still confused or not sure about what foods are right for you, do not hesitate to ask a nutrition expert. By the way, I still have some free spots available on Fridays in August 😉 More information here: Free Nutrition Consultations Sydney CBD Australia 

To read now the full recipe please visit the recipe section here: Green Chicken Paleo Soup

Hope you’re having a good week!

Stay warm & healthy



Easy to Make Paleo Soup


Challem, J 2013, ‘Is the Paleo Diet for you?’, Better Nutrition, vol. 75, no. 4, pp. 48-50, viewed 13 August 2014,


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