Healthy living Perth & suggestions of road trips in Western Australia

Following my previous post about Healthy Eating options in Perth, here is now a selection of the things I enjoyed doing as a full-time nutrition student in Western Australia (WA).

WA has way more to offer. This post contains a few memories only of our time over there. Simple pleasures in life include…

Going for a swim

Floreat Beach

Floreat Beach

Kite surf Perth

Perth is really windy. Perfect weather for kite surfers!

Running next to the water

There is something about the ocean/river/water that makes it really relaxing. And if possible enjoying a beautiful view while training makes the workout a little easier.

East perth sky

Swan River (East Perth)

Stretching while watching the sunset was a nice bonus. The weather is fantastic in Perth. You can spend plenty of time outdoors and get all the vitamin D you need from the sun. But careful it gets very hot in summer!

Run East Perth Sunset CIty East Perth

Cottlesloe to North Fremantle run

 City to Surf

A nice and healthy way to discover the area while running from the city to the beach. More information about the run in August here: City to Surf Perth 

I ran the 12kms outside our living room...

FYI I ran the 12kms outside our living room…

Free festivals

These pictures were taken during Australia Day (26 January 2014).

East Perth Australia Day Festival

East Perth Australia Day

Heirisson Island with kangourous living 15 minutes away from our place…

Heirisson Island Kangourou Perth

Kangaroo Perth

parks wa

Time spent regularly in nature is important.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

For pictures see one of my previous post Moving to Perth Western Australia

Watching the sunset

I never get tired of it as it is so relaxing at the end of the day… A lovely moment to reflect and meditate.

Hillarys sunset wa


Perth City

Perth Sunset WA

Sport events

AFL is big in WA. It was really cool to watch a game at the Subiaco Oval

Watching a Sydney-Fremantle AFL game!

Sydney Vs Fremantle

Bike ride

Rottnest Island was a great place. More pictures from a previous trip here Rottnest Island Perth 

Walking the streets of Perth

Perth CBD

Furthermore there is so much to explore in Western Australia. Travelling and changing day to day routine is really good to put things into perspective.

Few suggestions of road trips


it is important to enjoy driving and spending time in the car as the distances are usually important…

But with a nice and healthy homemade picnic made by the nutrition student in charge we only had to enjoy the view 🙂

Picnic with a view

The Pinnacles (200kms North of Perth)

The Pinnacles WA

Lake Thetis, Cervantes, WA (200 ams North of Perth)

Want to look at some living fossils? A rare place in the world to see living marine stromatolites.

thrombolites western australia

Jurien Bay (220kms North of Perth)

Jurien Bay

Margaret River (270kms South)

There were also some pictures in the previous post I mentioned above. Here it is again if you prefer to have a look now Road trip Margaret River

Denmark (420 kms South East)


Denmark Beach Western Austalia

Valley of Giants Tree Top Walk (430kms South East)

Nice walk. I believe kids would love it.

tree top walk wa

tree top walk western australia

Lovely view 40 meters above the ground

Ningaloo Reef Marine Park (1140kms North)

Snorkelling is a must.

whale shark coral bay wa

Swimming with a whale shark in Coral Bay

Healthy living

I found Perth to be a really good place to focus on your health, career and personal life as the lifestyle is pretty laid-back.

Reading in the sun... Did a lot of that in Perth.... Studying mainlyReading in the sun…

Staying home. Chilling. My student life abroad haha

 And you can also find many lovely other options to celebrate with friends.

Or may be an organic wine? One glass now an again is ok... Moderation is the key!!!

In conclusion

Thank you for everything Perth and Western Australia! You’ve been very good to us xx

East Perth Sunset

Now to start a new chapter of my life abroad… If you want to know more about it check this article Life abroad France Spain Australia

Looking forward our next trip!

Coming really soon now !!

Speak soon



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