Healthy eating Perth Western Australia: organic options, whole foods and more

As some of you already know we moved back to Sydney a few days ago. We almost spent a year in Perth Western Australia and it was a really positive experience. Due to my interest in nutritional medicine I enjoyed looking for healthy foods, places or activity to do around Perth.

I love taking pictures of beautiful moments or places nevertheless there are times that are better enjoyed than shared on social medias. In my opinion it’s all about balance. So here is a quick selection of healthy healthy eating options that we enjoyed between 2013 and 2014. If you move to Perth or visit the area you might find these suggestions useful.

For more information click on the name of the venue.

Organic foods/shops

  • Organic on Charles (North Perth) a paradise for anyone interested in healthy super foods and whole foods.
  • Absolutely Organic (Gwelup) beautiful products but I have to mention that I was not always happy with the service…

muffin organic perth

  • Go Vita / Eternal Health (Greenwood, Woodvale & Currambine). Lovely staff and a wide selection of healthy foods, natural beauty products and supplements. 


Local markets

  • Fremantle markets (Fremantle) So many interesting things to look at and foods to taste!

Freo market food

Perth City Farm Organic Market

City Market East Perth Organic

Some of the freebies I got the first time I visited the market !

The City Farm café next to the market is lovely too.

Organic City Farm market Perth

Bastille Day Perth

French coffee to celebrate Bastille’s day!

French crêpe and coffee for Bastille Day


raw kitchen wa

Interesting body language on that picture… He is upset because he cannot drink this beautiful green smoothie while I am taking the picture! Told you it’s all about balance haha

Raw kitchen freo

Raw desserts

Organic pizza scarsborough

As I mentioned before there are plenty more options but these are the ones I personally enjoyed during our time in Perth! For more information I found the following document quite useful Where to buy organic food in Perth. 

In my next post we will talk about healthy living in Perth…

Have a good week!




Perth City


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