Impressions after 7 weeks on a vegan diet

And we did it again ! We completed our vegan fast! Once again it was an interesting experience that made me realise that being an healthy vegan is not always easy. It is primordial to be well-informed as there are many aspects to consider and balance in your diet.

This is how the fast went week after after…

How does it feel to be on a vegan diet for 7 weeks?

Being vegan was easier this time around. It felt quite natural and just a normal part of our routine. We knew what we could eat and especially where to find everything. I never felt hungry but sometimes a bit limited in my food choices. We had to be really organised (e.g. we often had left-overs for lunch and searched good addresses when going out)

Green vegan party

Week 1

Feeling good while going through this ‘detox‘ of dairy products, meat, fish or eggs. We also do not drink any alcohol and avoid refined sugars. Overall, I am feeling quite well: my energy levels are good and I am not really grumpy (I believe my other half is a bit more than me haha). I think more clearly, remember things and focus better. I am quite creative in the kitchen. You can see a few of my recipes in this article: Healthy vegan meals suggestions 

Vegan green

Week 2

I am particularly more alert this time around. It sometimes feels like we are eating lots of carbohydrates especially grains but I try to balance it out as much as possible. Variety is the key. I get a bit dizzy sometimes but I believe it is more linked to my usually low blood pressure and the fact that I have to get up at 5am every morning and work crazy hours lol. I feel quite positive at the moment. and managed to tick off things that I have been putting off for months.

Week 3

I spoke a bit quickly last week… I completely lack motivation this week. On top of that I have a bad cough and my immune system is fighting something. Nevertheless my tummy is quite happy and my skin is quite clear which is a nice bonus.  Quality of sleep is good and even unwell I still feel quite healthy…

Green Vegan

Week 4

Bad vegan, strike 1. I am still coughing especially at night so I decided to have the equivalent of Manuka honey for my throat. Honey is not considered to be a vegan product… In theory, raw Manuka honey cannot cross the Western Australia interstate border in order to protect the local bees. Manuka honey is believed to be a good anti-inflammatory and have antibacterial properties. So instead, I had some raw, local Jarrah honey that has high antioxidant levels and did relieve some of my symptoms. Still coughing though and not sure why…

Bad vegan strike 2. Got the wrong protein bar at work. I was in a rush at assumed I picked the right product. I ate the bar and only when I was reading something realised I got the whey version instead of the vegan one… Always read the labels and check all ingredients especially if going out! If you have people around you with allergies, it has to become a second nature. I still don’t like people’s face when I ask if it is vegan. They make me feel picky and annoying.

Week 5

I think we are ok with this vegan thing. Just a walk in the park. I don’t miss anything in particular except that I caught myself several times day dreaming of eating a nice grass-fed steak and staring in the supermarket with my big eyes wide open at the organic Greek yogurts, lovely cheeses and ice-creams… Yes, I start to miss the variety of options in our diet.

Vegan green smoothie

Week 6

I was sick again… Only for 24h but this thing got me really down. I didn’t want to eat anything, vegan or not. We had plenty of good fats, beans and legumes but everything starts tasting too sweet. I had my fair share of hummus for the year. We are very busy lately and with little time to cook I believe we could improve the nutrition value of our meals. We haven’t had the time to really investigate and found a limited number of healthy vegan options in Perth… So mainly we have to cook our meals.

Week 7

We are so ready to break this fast but we can clearly see the finish line. We were so close to fold our cards the other day but decided to finish on Thursday, just before Easter. We went out with friends and decided to  have an organic beer and seafood. Crazy, right? haha

Few more days… We bought some Wagyu grass-fed at the local market the other day. It’s waiting for us in the fridge. Going shopping soon… Our basket will be completely different this time around!

End vegan challenge

In conclusion

Done!!! I am glad we completed this challenge again. It is great to test your willpower and it was a very good detox. I didn’t feel as dizzy while exercising in comparison to the previous year. I was was close to be vegetarian for years but my body was regularly missing a little bit of animal protein. I believe we might do it again in the future as long as it doesn’t interfere with our nutritional needs.

Talking about nutritional needs, supplement wise I have only been taking iron and zinc because my levels were low. My vegan partner is just having a good multivitamin at the moment quite rich in zinc. We also took a vegan protein powder every morning for breakfast. Always consult a health practitioner to assess which supplements you should take or not. It is important to discuss your own health status and be aware of drug interactions with supplements or medications you are currently taking.

Vert végétalien frappé

Hope you had a lovely Easter break!

We are off for a lovely road trip up the coast! It’s been ages… I cannot wait!

Talk to you soon



Green vegan smoothie

Why did we decide to be vegan for 7 weeks in the first place? More about this challenge here Vegan Fasting for 7 weeks and here  Impressions after 7 week vegan challenge (2013)

Bright green vegan

If you want to read more Vegan articles, have a look here: Healthy vegan recipes


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