Scallops, haloumi, dukkah & raw zucchini salad

In my kitchen and recipes, I use fresh healthy ingredients and like to keep some ingredients raw to preserve their vitamin content. I also find spices naturally enhance the flavours of my dishes. This gluten and nut free recipe is rich in lean protein and good fats that is so quick and easy to make that you have no excuse but to try it! 

To read the full recipe visit Scallops, Haloumi, Dukkah, Zucchini Salad

Scallops dukkah


When creating this salad, I find that there is no need to add extra salt as haloumi is a mild cheese with a nice, salty finish that usually remains firm when cooked. 



In addition, another tasty finish to this salad recipe is the use of Dukkah (or dukkha) which is a lovely mix of herbs and spices…

What Dukkah looks like

It is possible to make your own blend of dukkah by selecting your favorite herbs or it is also available at any good deli shop. The blend I use for the following recipe is made of aniseed, cumin, sea salt, black pepper, sesame seed, cardamon, chill, garlic, fenugreek, marjoram and turmeric.

Besides flavouring up this salad, dukkha can be used in a number of different ways. I personally enjoy it as a dipping condiment with olive oil, spicing up my eggs, salads or adding it to flour to coat seafood.

Scallop spices

Have you ever tried Dukkah or haloumi? What are your favourite recipes with these ingredients?

To read the full recipe visit Scallops, Haloumi, Dukkah, Zucchini Salad

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