Health balls

To share or not on Valentine’s day….

If you haven’t heard of bliss or amaze balls, it is not too late. But I have to warn you, once you have tried them it is really hard to go back… Are you sure you want to keep reading ?!?

Health balls are the perfect snack or dessert for health conscious individuals: small portions, packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients that taste amazing. They are really easy to make and can sometimes… if for some reason (can everyone forget that they are in the fridge?) be conserved up to a week.

Nutritional tip of the day

Make a big batch during the weekend or at night so you can pack them the day after.

I prepared two slightly different batches. The only problem we then had was to determine which one was better…

The following recipes are vegan, gluten and dairy free. I only used the natural sugars of the different foods. If you remove the hazelnut butter, this recipe can easily be made nut free.

Recipe 1

Bliss ball

“His” choice

View the full recipe here: Bliss balls Recipe 

Recipe 2

Health bliss balls

“Her” choice as more chocolaty…

View the full recipe here: Health Balls Recipe 

What is your favourite recipe of health or bliss balls? Please do not hesitate to share in the comment section below! 

Recipe section

Recipe 1 here Healthy bliss Balls

Recipe 2 here Health Balls 

If you want to read more healthy sweet recipes, click here Sweet healthy recipe 

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