Christmassy smoothie… not really

While everyone is going on and on about Xmas, I decided to post the recipe of a red and green smoothie. I am not really in the Xmas spirit this year and to be honest with you it is quite refreshing. Or may be it’s just my smoothie… Anyway if you are a bit too stressed with everything going on at this time of the year, this weather is way too hot for you or you have ‘too many things on your plate’, this not-so-Christmassy- smoothie is for you!

After spending most of my life in the Northern Hemisphere it appears that my brain still doesn’t really process how Santa can wear his red suit while it’s 35 degrees Celsius plus outside 😉

Xmas Smoothie

For me it’s summer and I decided to enjoy it with a smoothie! So this is what you need for two glasses:

To read the full recipe > Visit the recipe section Mango Capsicum Smoothie

To avoid mindless eating, take 2 seconds to enjoy your smoothies and then resume normal activities 😉

I hope you enjoy the end of the year!

Green Red Smoothie

The full recipe is available here Vitamin C smoothie 

If you want to check more smoothie recipes, click here: Healthy smoothie recipes 

If you prefer to know how I ended up in the Southern Hemisphere, click here: Life abroad or here About me.

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