Interview: Talking about veganism with Rebecca Weller aka Vegan Sparkles!

Hello! Today, Rebecca Weller (aka Vegan Sparkles) is telling us a bit more about her own international journey to nutrition…

Rebecca is one of the first persons I contacted when I knew we were moving to Perth. It was really nice to connect with like-minded people on that side of the Australian continent too.

I believe in balance and variety when it comes to healthy eating habits. I do personally go vegan once a year (Read more here: Going vegan for 7 weeks?) and can see the different benefits of partial or total plant based diet. Not every diet will work for everyone so it is important to find what works the best for you. Do not hesitate to ask a specialist to make sure that you are doing the right thing 🙂

Talking about specialist, please welcome Rebecca Weller!

RebeccaWeller_HighRes_02 cropped

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a self-confessed Nutrition Geek, giggling healthy smoothie addict and animal lover.  I’m a Holistic Health Coach passionate about helping women transition to happier, healthier living, awaken their sparkle, and fall in love with life again. I regularly write for various on-line health and wellness magazines such as MindBodyGreenOne Green Planet and Wellness WA, provide one-on-one health coaching and host wellness events.

I’m thrilled to have just finished work writing an exciting new ‘Eating for Energy’ eBook which is now available from my wellness site

What is your background? Where have you lived? Or where have you travelled?

I’m a Perth (Western Australia) raised girl. When I was 23 I decided to go to London for a few months and ended up staying 3 years! I travelled around Europe a lot and went on a couple of far-flung adventure trips through South Africa, Thailand, India and New York. After London I still had the travel bug, so decided to move to Sydney for a while. I stayed there (and travelled around the East Coast of Australia) for another 3 years before finally coming home to my beloved Perth beaches and lifestyle.

 What do you think your international experiences taught you?

Above all, tolerance, gratitude, and compassion. There are so many different ways to perceive life. I love learning about different cultures and beliefs and challenging my own.  I love learning about the people and history of places. And after all that, I’m filled with gratitude to come home to such a (relatively) peaceful and beautiful country.

RebeccaWeller_HighRes_07 copy

How did you become interested in nutrition?

I’ve always been quite interested in nutrition but I really became a nutrition geek after I began following a vegan lifestyle.  Fascinated by the effect food has on our health and wellbeing, I enrolled to study at the world’s largest nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, at the start of this year.  It’s been an incredible year.  I’ve learnt so much and am so excited to now be living my dream of helping others to live happier, healthier lives.

What does ‘healthy eating’ mean for you?

To me it means eating whole, unprocessed foods; eating slowly and mindfully; drinking lots of water; listening to and respecting your body; and truly nourishing yourself from the inside out.

 What is your favourite ingredient for a salad and why?

Ooh, now I do love sun-dried tomatoes but if I had to pick just one ingredient it would have to be avocado because I firmly believe it goes with everything!  So creamy, so delicious…

Do you have any salad recipe or green advice you would like to share with the readers of *enSALADes*?

I’m so in love with the Moroccan Rice Salad from my new ‘Eating for Energy’ eBook at the moment and would love to invite you to come over to download your free copy of this recipe: Moroccan Rice Salad.

Eating for Energy - Moroccan Rice Salad

Thank you for answering all my questions.

You can connect with *Vegan Sparkles* on social media via her:


Facebook page




Google +

Have a lovely day and a salad for me people! 

To read more about my personal vegan journey & recipes, click here Vegan stories.


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