Interview: Fitness & Nutrition with Nikolett Toth

Hello! Today, Nikolett is telling us a bit more about her own international journey to nutrition…

I am delighted to introduce my guest of the week, Nikolett Toth. We met while studying nutrition in Sydney and since then I truly admires her work and dedication. Nikolett recently trained for a natural body building competition and just launched her new website. So please meet Nikolett…

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Nikolett Toth, director of iGotPT/The Lean Body Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor, Health blogger and soon to be a qualified Nutritionist.

What is your background? Where have you lived?

I grew up in Budapest, Hungary and I moved to the USA when I was 19. I lived there for nearly 7 years and worked with Las Vegas’s VIPs at the Bellagio. From there I moved to Sydney 2 years ago.

What do you think your international experiences taught you?

To have an open mind, be resourceful and view my obstacles as challenges as opposed to things that holds me back. I believe everything that happens to us, happens for a reason and makes stronger. New experiences allow for further growth and appreciation.

How did you become interested in nutrition?

My partner became very ill 3 years ago and we started seeing a naturopath together, who treated him with natural supplements and a very specific diet. I did the entire dietary treatment with him, we ate nothing but fresh organic produce (nothing out of a packet!) and cooked every meal for 3 months. As a result all my digestive problems that became ‘the norm’ disappeared, and I just couldn’t believe the positive effects that had both on my body and mind. I realised that food can be one’s medicine and ‘what you eat is what you are’ saying is really true. I fell in love with healthy nutrition and it became such a passion that I went onto studying it so I could help other people heal themselves as well.

What does ‘healthy eating’ mean for you?

Food can heal or potentially destroy the body. Healthy eating means eating foods as close as possible to their natural state. In my cooking I use fresh ingredients that nourish my body. I try to stay away from refined sugar and gluten altogether because they have no health benefits at all.

What is your favourite ingredient for a salad and why?

Nuts & Seeds! I love crunchy food. Nuts & seeds give great texture to salads. My favourites to add are pistachios, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and cashews.

Do you have any salad recipe or green advice you would like to share with the readers of enSalades?

Along healthy nutrition, fitness has been a very important part of my life. Training not only it feels great for my body, but it helps with mental clarity and relaxation as well. The most important thing I try to focus on with my training is having fun with it, and that’s exactly what I encourage my clients to do as well.

There is a lot of pressure on both men and women these days to stay fit, and I come across a lot of people who can’t stand going to the gym, working out feels like a chore and they can’t enjoy training at all. My goal is to turn this around and get them to start having fun with exercise! At iGotPT we do boxing, we use ropes, throw medicine balls around and play frisbee for example, which are all high intensity (HIIT) exercises. One of the secrets to fat loss is doing a lot of HIIT that burns calories whilst creating definition and builds lean muscle!

Also you can find my favourite kale recipe here: Nik’s Kale Salad.

Thank you for answering all my questions.

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Have a lovely day!

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