Spot the 5 differences…

… that are going to change my life!


1. ….

  1. I am for some ‘odd’ reason really really happy and smiling! Salads are not necessarily involved.
  2. We will have to organize an important celebration, involving international guests.
  3. My last name may change, identity documents might be updated and I won’t be able to tick the ‘miss’ box any more.
  4. I might have to get christened again…
  5. I will officially have a second family!

Spot the 5 differences

Thursday was a beautiful day here in Perth and we decided to spend the day at the beach. We prepared a nice picnic and I think I will definitely remember that day!




Going For a Drink

Going For a Drink 2


PinkSky Celebration


Recipe of the Gluten Free Quiche & Mini Cheesecakes coming up soon!

Edit: Click here to see the Gluten Free Quiche Recipe 


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