Mature age student, nutrition & documentaries

Being a mature age student is sometimes really cool and sometimes quite annoying…

Researching information, projects, assignments, watching interesting docos…. There are a few things to consider 🙂


Multitasking or The life of a student in nutrition.. Listening to a webinar while cooking dinner or like today watching a documentary about nutrition!?


On one side, not so cool:

  • If you decide to leave your full time job, you have to adapt to a new budget
  • You cannot spend as much time with your friends / family as before because you often need to study and/or work on a million of assignments.
  • You spend a lot of time researching information. Your computer and internet connection can sometimes play with your nerves. You might need new glasses.
  • You generally want to do well. If it is a passion you might want to prove yourself or the world something. When you are thirty something, you prefer having better grades than the younger chickens…
  • It can be quite stressful and challenging as you forgot how much work was involved in (group!) projects.
  • It requires time and energy. You often wonder if it was worth it and what your industry will be like when you graduate. Natural therapies are evolving a lot at this stage and you never know what type of legislation will go through. 2 more years to go for me…
  • Part-time jobs might give you a different perspective on the opportunities out there. You often have to reconsider your priorities and selection criteria.

Then on the other hand,

  • You learn new things and get to use and challenge your brain every day!
  • You are always looking for new information.
  • People might think you are younger when they see that you have a student ID.
  • You get to meet like-minded people
  • You have student discounts!
  • You have way more holidays !!!
  • Last but not least, you can decide if you want to go to school, work from home or just take it easy…

After months working and studying hard, moving to a new city, looking for a place and a new job I decided to take a few hours off. The weather is horrible outside, I don’t have my car yet, trains are down for two more days in Perth, I had to wake up at 4am… Well I don’t need reasons but I am just saying that I decided to watch a documentary for research purposes obviously 😉

I love documentaries. The one I watched this morning really reminded me how I love what I do and why I wanted to be part of this industry.

I understand that not everyone is interested in nutrition. Nevertheless, we all have to eat…

These documentaries opened my mind to new ideas and changed the way I was looking at food (its quality, quantity, ,…), the food system (farming techniques, supply, delivery, ….) and the impact on the environment now and for the future generations.

So if you eat food and are interested in what the people you love consume, you might want to hear different opinions on the subject.

You will find below a short list of the documentaries I enjoyed watching in English and  in alphabetic order:

  1. Dirt the movie: emphasizes the connection between the soil and food as well as the importance of our actions in the short and long term.
  2. Eat, fast and live longer: gives a good perspective on how sometimes eating less can have positive effects on health.
  3. Fast Food Nation: this one was a bit too much of an American movie for me. Nevertheless it relates to some people’s realities (especially migrants in the States working in slaughter houses) and can leave a strong impression.
  4. Fat, sick and nearly dead: a documentary highlighting the positive impact of juicing on human’s health and how fresh fruits and vegetables can become medicine.
  5. Food Inc.: quite challenging in my opinion. I was personally pretty angry and upset against the humankind after watching this one! I now look at meat differently and prefer to choose grass fed meat as much as possible.
  6. Food Matters: really easy to watch and a good introduction to the importance of food for health. Food for thought…-
  7. Fresh: After watching this documentary I could not wait to go to my local market and get some fresh products GMO free, grown without pesticides, herbicides, radiations and additives and a minimum of plastic wrapping paper.
  8. Globesity: interesting to compare the impact of obesity all around the world
  9. Hungry for Change: the sequel of Food Matters. If you liked the first one, you most probably like this one too.
  10. Shark Water: I look at sharks differently now. I am not a huge fan of shark fin used for food or supplements.

I also heard good things about:

  1. Crazy Sexy Cancer
  2. Growing Change
  3. End of the line

Any other recommendations of documentaries I could watch on days like today ???!!!!


2 thoughts on “Mature age student, nutrition & documentaries

  1. I am a science student too. I have the mindset of a mature aged student however. I am a grandma in bed by 9pm every night! I LOOOVE documentaries too! I have finals in 3 weeks and stressing and I can’t wait to watch them after exams are finished, it will be my little treat!! Goodluck! I love your blog, I found it via Pauline 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment. Your body knows better and rest is the best especially if you have to study that much. What do you study? Have you watched any of these documentaries?
      Good luck with your exams!!! Mine are in two months and I prefer not to think about it yet. I found when I take some little time for myself, I can focus better on my studies afterwards. I love Pauline’s work too!
      All the best 🙂


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