First impressions about Perth Western Australia

One week already that we have been living in Perth. It still feels quite weird to be here. Sometimes I still wonder when we will come back to Sydney…

So what is it like to live in Perth?

So far, so good…

  • Quality of life is really good. Perth is really family orientated in my opinion. Even youngsters in their early twenties are getting married so it might be a bit harder for single people around here. Fun fact, most people I met have a dog.
  • It is a smaller city than Sydney… Perth is definitely quieter and more laid back. There are many suburban areas and it can be pretty calm after a certain hour. People are quite fond of their suburb. I have been told that driving more than 20-30 minutes to commute to work is a considered a long time 😉
  • Yes, shops seem to close earlier. Lots of shops are actually closed or closing down in the CBD. Then it’s a different story with the different shopping centres. I have been told that it can be quite hard for local businesses as we are so far away from many things. Nevertheless I have found plenty of local and organic products for my salads 😛
  • Yes, having a car is preferable if you want to enjoy everything Perth has to offer. Like anywhere else people do complain about the public transport around here. 
  • Not too sure about the beautiful weather in Perth lol. In winter it does rain …. a lot. But then I have to say when the sun shines the sky is so blue and it is absolutely gorgeous. I went for a run in Cottesloe or for a drink to watch the sunset and it is just amazing. I cannot wait for the summer to kick in.  
  • It is not cheap to live in Perth. With the mining boom and its “flock” of FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) more and more people have moved to that side of the country. I heard though that the activity is slightly slowing down.

It won’t be always easy but what can I do? It is interesting and challenging to start all over again. You forget sometimes what it truly means. I do believe that I need more time to make my mind about the place but these are my first impressions! I believe that in six month time I will be able to tell if this city works for me or not 😉

Have you lived in Perth? What were your first impressions about the city? Any suggestions?

Not too bad...


5 thoughts on “First impressions about Perth Western Australia

  1. Yeah.. I really do think you attract bad weather hahaha, joking ^^ and too bad that you come when there’s a huge train line disruption. Otherwise just wait till end of spring and the weather will be the loveliest =) But it’s a good news that you like it here. I suggest you go to Brownhaus Cafe in Subi, they have really good coffees, you know, hot choc and coffees are good especially in this weather


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