Things to keep in mind when moving

So here I am… I made it safely to Perth.

The last days in Sydney have been intense as you can imagine. This is what I learnt and that I will keep in my mind… if I ever have to move again hehe

  • Start planning early. I love To-do lists as they work the best for me. Every time I think about something I write it down in a Perth list in my phone. When getting closer to the move, I used the old paper version and enjoy the feeling of crossing out what I have already done. My list included things like:
  1. Enrol in new course, clubs, groups you might find over there and corresponding to your hobbies, interests.
  2. Prepare documents for house hunting (so we are ready to act if we find something we like)
  3. Find out about / send notice for current location (3 weeks early in our case), collect all sets of keys, organize final inspection, fix anything if necessary.
  4. Check the type of insurance if you are moving overseas or papers you will have to update (e.g. contact French consulate, ….)
  5. Resignation and recommendation letter for work
  6. Update résumé, LinkedIn or any platform you might use to look for a new job
  7. Start looking and sending emails to companies you may like
  8. Change / transfer postal address (I technically live in an office at the moment)
  9. Find out where to stay in destination city / our stuff will be stored
  10. Book flights 
  11. Close gas and electricity accounts
  12. Suspend or cancel gym membership / internet connection
  13. Clean / defrost fridge! (if you don’t want extra water with the rest of your belongings)
  14. Clean car (if you move interstate in Australia, it is a requirement to take your car and make sure you don’t transport any soil or plant). We will need to update our driving licence here in Western Australia and and we need to  decide what we want to do with our car
  • Contact anyone you could know in the destination city. I prefer to do it beforehand. You never know when you might have to reach someone. It is good to get some feedback about the different areas where to live. The world is also really small… You would be surprised how sometimes people can be connected! Coincidences, anyone?
  • A general advice is that packing takes always longer than expected. We initially estimated 30 boxes for a lovely total of 60… Lucky we had plenty of boxes and bags to reuse so we did not run out of containers. We had to go back a few times for the sticky tapes though. I grabbed some bubble wrapping or foamy stuff from work, piles of newspapers from downstairs, we used our towels to pat and protect the different boxes and tried to recycle as much as possible. I also had an excel spread sheet with the content of each box and where they will go in our new place when we have one! Basically we spent two more days than we expected packing.
  • It was the first time I used removalists. Contact them early as they are really busy… Some did not even return our calls or left us waiting for a confirmation that never came. Man, they work fast! 
  • It was a bit hard to say ‘see you soon’ to people. Things never happen the way you want. Lucky we are planning to come back to Sydney in the coming months 😛

So yeah, there are a few things to organize when moving…

Next time I will write about my first impressions in Perth as a few people have already asked…

I hope you are all well.

Talk to you soon xox

Is this bathroom looks ok?

Not taking selfies but pictures to show my lovely the places I have been visiting…

Am I becoming fussy with the cleaning of the doors?

We put an application for this apartment… Let see if it works out…

If you want to know more why we decided to relocate to Perth, read this: New move for an Expat in Australia!


8 thoughts on “Things to keep in mind when moving

  1. Wish I could have come from a goodbye drink before you left ;( Glad it all worked out well in the end and you have arrived safely in Perth. Best of luck house hunting. I will have to take some tips from your article and get myself organised soon too 🙂


    • THANKS! I wish you could have come too but if it was my own drink I am not sure I would have made it either 😛 Let me know how everything is going in Sydney / Melbourne! Good luck with your own move and keep in touch about studies hehe


  2. Glad to see your experiences. To be less stressful next time you move, just let us know … we can help you.


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