Change of decor for enSalades! Moving to Perth Western Australia

I think I have to write it down so I can finally come to the conclusion that it is going to happen VERY SOON!

For some strange reason, I still believe things might change. May be it is due to the fact that my partner got offered different jobs for the last 2 years and we have considered moving a few times already.

I still can’t realize that in – OMG 10 days exactlywe are moving to PERTH (Western Australia)!

What will it be like to live in Perth?

Perth is roughly 3000 km away from Sydney. It is sometimes described as the most remote city on Earth! I went for a holiday in 2009 and loved it. It is quite laid back with a beautiful light and sunny weather (one of my first criteria to choose a city to live).

Perth (2009)

How am I dealing with the idea? Every time I have to move, I go through a rainbow of emotions and feelings from red excitement to purple panic… This time wasn’t any different.

Perth (2009)

This is how I remember Perth – Pictures from my trip in 2009!

White sand, quite relaxing indeed…

  • I thought with years it would be easier to pack everything and start all over again, but no. Relocating is still relocating. There are many things to organize and you never know if it was the best decision until you make the move. I cannot believe I arrived in Australia with a 30 kg suitcase and now I have so much stuff to pack! We still have not seen any removalists and we are left with very little time. Using removalists is a first for me! Let see how the professionals handle this move.
  • We will have to start from scratch all over again: make new friends, find a new job that I love, a new place to call home… The job market seems slightly different over there. I need to make a few more contacts. Lucky, we know a few people and as usual friends are awesome in letting us know about friends and relatives in the Perth area! Change is often positive but can be damn scary at times… I want to embrace it as a new challenge but at this stage I hope change could pack the boxes for me. 

Margaret River, wine region in South West Australia (3h away from Perth)


So then, why is it such a great idea to move over there?

  • I was due for a new challenge. Changing your daily routine really makes you see life with a totally new perspective and I still can finish my degree with the same college.
  • I cannot travel as much as I would love due to my studies. Stunning beaches, awesome weather, wild landscape no wonder I signed up to live in Perth 🙂 At least I will get to explore  a new part of the continent. We would love to go up North and check Broome and Coral Bay. 

Rottnest Island (Rotto) = 18km off the coast, next to Fremantle (Freo)

Sunny weather

  • Perth also has amazing parks and is supposed to be so laid back, If I jump on a plane in 5 hours or so I can be back in Sydney. I will still be in the same country and I believe I will remember to speak the language. I will be closer to Europe so it will be easier to talk with family and friends (plus 6 or 8 hours difference with France).
Perth (2009)

I loved the Kings Park & Botanic Garden !

Perth (2009)

Perth, here we come!

How did you feel when when you had to move? Any good advice?

I will miss my friends here in Sydney and might sometimes feel a bit lonely in this new city. So please visit enSalades and say hello when you have nothing better to do. Facebook apparently has changed its algorithm again so if you have reached that part of this post and don’t want to miss any of our latest adventures in Western Australia, do not hesitate to follow us on social media:


Have a lovely week-end!

Sorry I have to go, I can hear the boxes calling for me to pack !

Perth (2009)


2 thoughts on “Change of decor for enSalades! Moving to Perth Western Australia

  1. Helene, you are such a brave girl! Good luck in Perth. You deserve the best;) Muchísima suerte con tu nueva vida en Perth. Tiene una pinta estupenda!!! ¿Cuándo vendrás a vernos a Barcelona??? Un beso enorme. Carmen


    • Gracias guapa! Me alegro mucho saber de ti! Si vaya cambio 🙂 no se para Barcelona.. Me gustaría volver en verano pero parece que este año va a ser difícil :(.
      Cómo te va todo con el nene ? Besos


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