Day 7 : Green Limousine

Vitamix Challenge:  Completed!

So yeah! I feel like a million bucks today 🙂



What were the benefits of this green smoothie challenge?

  • This challenge went really fast.
  • I feel really good after 7 days.
  • I lost one kilo. I didn’t worry about weight loss but just had a good breakfast and ate healthy during the week. I had chocolate when I felt like it and off it goes.
  • My skin is clear. No break outs.
  • I had a lot of energy.
  • My mind was clear so I was more focused to study.
  • To see all the benefits of this challenge check the following page: Green Smoothie Benefits!
  • It was good to read that some of my friends tried the challenge too!
  • I will definitely do this challenge again.


Green Limousine

The recipe is available in the smoothie recipe section Green Limousine Smoothie 

Have you tried this challenge yet?


Thank you Vitamix !

Check the following link for more information about this challenge! Vitamix Challenge done!


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