Day 6 : Green Serene smoothie & healthy living tips

Day 6 already?!… This challenge is going way too fast. I can’t believe how easy it was !!

The only advice I have regarding this challenge would be to be organized as a balanced and nutritious diet requires a bit of planning.

What do I mean?


  • It is essential to know what is in your fridge / pantry at nearly any time.
  • If you do not feel like cooking (it does happen sometimes, often, always lol):
  1. What are your options?
  2. Do you want an healthy dish?
  3. Is it fine with you and your health if you decide to indulge?
  4. Is there any healthier choice?
  5. Can you order something different?…

My friends will laugh at this stage because basically this is when I order a salad… I might seem picky or difficult but I am actually making people a favour 😉

I like to be social but I feel much better if I make good food choice. I just know: I am way nicer when I eat something that agrees with me !


For this challenge, I went shopping twice for fruits and veggies:

  • This way the products were fresher = more vitamins and minerals.
  • I could listen to my body and see what I really fancied.
  • I just had to prepare and not think too much with my sleepy head (this is the reason you won’t see any picture of me drinking my green smoothies at 7 am… Trust me, you don’t have to see lol).

Sometimes it is just good to:

  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier so you get everything done. A good breakfast is really important so I was ready to make that effort.
  • Make some more and keep it for later. Sure, it would be better if it was just blended but sometimes you need to work with the schedule available.
  • Prepare your lunch while you are making your green smoothie! Variety is important in a diet but quality too. Too bad if today I had some green ingredients both in my smoothie and lunch 😛

Working Girl


Simple pleasures of life: vitamin D and salad!

To read the full recipe of this green smoothie, click here Green Serene Smoothie 


A good day indeed.

I felt quite calm and serene …

What about you? Don’t be a stranger, you can leave a comment below 🙂

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