Day 1 – Green Clean

So here I am, day 1 of this 7 day challenge!

The biggest challenge I would say this morning was to get up … But I managed and prepared my first green smoothie, my new breakfast for the next 7 days.  I ♥  breakfast and smoothies, so for me this is quite easy!

I like to make my own thing so this is what my fridge had to offer…

To read the full recipe now please visit the following page Green Clean Smoothie


Day 1 | Let’s get this challenge started


If you have never tried green juices, this one might be a bit hardcore to start with. Some are easier to drink, this one was quite “natural” and a good cleanser in the same way. I would describe it as very “green” may be too green for green smoothie beginner level.

If you have already done some juice fast or are a salad addict like me, you will really enjoy this smoothie.

Green Smoothie Challenge

Let’s see what I come up with tomorrow!

To read the full recipe please visit the following page Green Clean Smoothie 


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