I joined the 7 @ 7 Vitamix Challenge!

As we all heard again and again,  it is important to eat 5 fruits and 2 veggies per day. With studies and excuses, I was just thinking today that I could do a bit better. I am a bit tired and think that the following challenge will be perfect for me right now.  Fruits and veggies are packed with all kind of vitamins and minerals, perfect source of energy.

I usually have a pretty good breakfast with eggs and veggies but I might switch back to smoothies for the occasion.

If you live in Australia, I invite you to do the same. Vitamix are La crème de la crème in terms of blender / food processor. I am dreaming to have one. I have told my bf several time that’s the type of gift I want for our wedding lol

Sorry, back to the challenge… So …. For 7 days, at 7 am I will drink a green smoothie with 7 fruits and veggies!!!

If you never tried a green smoothie, it tastes better than you think. I personally hope it helps with memory and microbiology exam hehe

Wish me luck! One more exam to go and I have one month off college 😉

Starting tomorrow morning!!

You can also find more information on the following page: VITAMIX CHALLENGE


4 thoughts on “I joined the 7 @ 7 Vitamix Challenge!

  1. Good luck! I’m not in Australia, but I think it sounds like a fantastic idea and I think I’m going to consider giving it a try, too …


  2. Oh that’s awesome Yvette!!! I’m drinking my first green smoothie as I type this message. I might not win the comp because I don’t have all the ingredients they mention, but I am excited to do it! Let me know how you go 🙂


  3. Il faudra que tu fasses une liste pour ton mariage ma belle par ce que maintenant tu risques d’avoir un paquet de blenders! Bisettes


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