We made it! End of the fast!!

Well! I have made it… I am a year older and we completed our 7-week fast… 

Yeah! I am saying fasting and not being vegan… You might ask yourself how it was.

  • Week 1 – 3: Vegan
  • Week 3Baba (Macedonian grandma) knew we were fasting but was shocked when we told her that we were not eating fish…So she served us fish…How do you want to say no to Baba (especially when I don’t speak enough Macedonian to explain politely that I like her cooking but that I am quite serious with this vegan thing? Interesting that it is their tradition and I am the one fasting … ). We felt like we were betraying our cause but we ate the fish… Baba won and it was delicious obviously (the first time and the third time she tried to put food on my plate :P)
  • Week 3-6: After that, we ate a little bit of fish once a week. Oh and once we had chocolate balls that contained rum… That’s how bad we have been!
  • Week 7: Fully vegan again until Saturday night… It was quite weird to break the fast but basically I had no time to prepare anything before my bday drinks and baba made me another offer I could not refuse… She sent me some maznik with cheese…

Lucky (for my hips) my birthday will not fall on Orthodox Easter apparently for a long time… We had sooooo much food…. To give you an idea, I had 4 birthday cakes in the same day!

 I thought it would be weird to eat meat again. It was not even if I enjoyed fasting.

Last year, I ran the City 2 Surf for the first time (14km race). Before and at the top of Heartbreaking Hill, I told myself “That’s it, been there, done that, I would never do this to myself again”. And then when I finished the race and could not wait to do it the next year… Same thing happened with the fast.

Would I do it again?


  • There was a stage I felt I was only eating carbs: pasta this, beans that, fruits, chocolate, … I just wanted something different…
  • Going out was a pain. You can find easily vegan options in Sydney (don’t get me wrong) but I hated the face of people when I was questioning the ingredients. Some people really have no idea and I feel sorry for people with food allergies / intolerances.
  • I believe my body was missing animal proteins. While studying nutrition and working in this industry, I got to speak with many girls that grew up vegetarians… For years they did not eat any meat and they now really appreciate a steak… I used to be the same. Sometimes I was going for weeks without eating meat. I had no idea what I was doing obviously and was tired all the time. During the fast, I felt quite dizzy at times and often had to eat something to make me feel better.
  • Some said that my skin looked great… It did break out a lot in my opinion… Not sure I was getting enough zinc but I was not really keen and rich to buy all the supplements in my shop. My hair looked and felt better before the fast.
  • Strange things that happen to me… (when I was 25 I was told by a doctor that I had a bone growing in my ear… ) this time it was only my front tooth changing colour. I believe it was the liquid iron I was taking or may be the B12. 


  • My partner fasts every year. It’s a good detox and challenge. I really liked to test my motivation and will power. No surprise if you know me a little, I am still really stubborn 😛
  • Mood wise I think I was quite OK. But we should ask people around me for that.
  • My skin does look good and I felt quite light when training. I even managed to push a bit more weight while doing my body pump class and the recovery time was quite good.
  • I lost a fair bit of that ‘cottage cheese’ that you can find in the tummy and thighs area. Nice and sexy hehe
  • cooked a lot of ‘interesting’ things
  • It was interesting to chat with vegans and try something different! I loved the experience.

In a nutshell, it not always easy but I think I will do it again. It’s only 7 weeks nut it has to be done properly. I will appreciate differently eating meat, eggs and dairy. I understand both sides of the discussion.

On one hand, I was happy not to cause any suffering or eating any dead animal for that period of time. I really believe it is important to take into consideration the environmental consequences of the production of meat. Meat production is an energy-intensive process, quite inefficient and really not ‘pretty’ when you look into it…

On the other hand, humans are omnivorous and a vegetarian diet can lead to multiple deficiencies in macro and micronutrients (especially iron, copper, and zinc) if not properly balanced.

So my personal conclusion would be to enjoy a bit of protein now and again but to be fully aware of what I eat and where it comes from.

I respect my food and my body.

I am thankful to have it in my plate.

I don’t want to waste it!

As you can read, I have spent a bit too much time working on my Sociology of Food and Nutrition assignment 😉 On a lighter note, here are some pics of the celebration!

Have a lovely week!





Germov, J & Williams, L 2009, A sociology of food and nutrition, third edition, Oxford University Press, Australia.


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