Have you heard of sprouting?

Yesterday night, I went to a training night and we spoke about sprouted rice protein.

Before I started my studies in nutrition, I never heard about sprouting. As it is really easy to do and a very healthy addition to any salad, I thought I share it with you.

Soak beans'

To read the full method click here How to sprout – What is sprouting 

Reasons to sprout

  • It is something different to add to your recipes. As I don’t grow anything on my balcony at the moment, sprouting adds a little bit of fun in my cooking. And if you don’t have time, you can often found beans already sprouted in many supermarkets.

How do i soak bean

  • Nutritionally, it is good for you. Beans/seeds are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Sprouting boosts the release of these nutrients. The sprouts then ingested contain many enzymes that facilitate the digestive process. So if you sometimes find hard to digest certain foods, it might be a good complement to add to your salad/dish.

enzymes soak beans

how to soak beans

To find out how to sprout visit the following page What is sprouting – How to sprout


Happy sprouting 🙂


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