Salad from my fridge and easy mistakes on vegan diet

Exactly, one month to go before my b-day and the end of our vegan fast!


I have to admit…

It is hard to fast !!!

Being a strict vegan in all circumstances is pure dedication and I really admire people with this determination. Even when trying hard, I have to confess we made a few mistakes. So theoretically, it has not really been 3 weeks we are completely vegan…

Where did we go wrong?

  • Supplementing is not easy. Trying to find vegan supplements is a bit of a mission but you have to read all the labels and ask. Just after I started fasting, I had a customer asking for some advice about fish oil. As he wanted to take 6 capsules a day, I asked if there was any particular condition he was treating. This is when he told me with a big smile on his face that he was vegan and then needed more fish oil for his skin. I struggled there for a moment before answering. How could I ask nicely how fish oil could be vegan?! Was I missing something? Is fish not an animal? Did Vegan have another meaning? We spoke a little before I realized everyone has their own definition of being vegan… I personally would rather eat the fish if you ask my opinion. If it is a good quality and it is possible I prefer the food than the capsule. But careful! One of my nutrition teachers told us that we should not eat more than 1 tin of tuna per week. This is how long it takes to the body to get rid of the mercury (a heavy metal).
  • Questioning. Again and again every time we eat out. Is yeast vegan? (apparently it is as it is considered as a fungi / mushroom).  Is this pasta containing egg? Is there any cheese in this dish? Do you use butter to cook this? You get the idea “What’s wrong with that fussy French woman!?”
  • Honey. My partner had a spoon of raw honey thinking it was ok… Honey being a by-product of bees is not considered vegan. The other day he brought a few prepared dips that looked pretty good to us. We tried the baba ghanoush, the hummus, then came the olive tapenade… Really yummy! Funny enough, we both looked at the label at the same time and realized that it contained anchovy 😦 So we will bring a dip next time we have lunch with the grandparents! We try but it is hard. Next week my main reason for doing the fast is going away, it is seriously going to test my motivation!

Well as per the salad of the day…

Came home late from work, without any real idea what to make. Last night I soaked some chickpeas and kidneys beans… So bean salad it will be.


What do I have in my fridge?

  • Fresh ginger (a good aphrodisiac)
  • Fresh turmeric (good anti-inflammatory)
  • Garlic (good for boosting the immune system, especially any type of infection)
  • Spring onions
  • Fresh mint
  • Fresh parsley

I blended everything with a bit of oil and salt and pepper.

I tried a new blend of oil that I bought today rich in omega 3, 6 and 9. It contains a different oils such as flaxseed, soybean seed, evening primrose, borage, safflower seed, sunflower seed, sesame and pumpkin. GMO and chemical free, kept in a dark container in the fridge, not cooked to preserve all its goodness!

Once my beans were cooked, I rinsed them and added the sauce, sprinkling some amaranth (gluten free to reduce any inflammation) and spicy seaweed chips to be fancy! A miso soup of the side and life seems quite good to me 😛


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