Vegan cheese cake

Last night I dreamt I was eating cheese…  I hear you say “Nothing bad about eating cheese, especially when you are French…”

True. But I was still relieved when I got up and realized I did not break my Vegan fast.  It reminds me of the types of dreams I used to have after I quit smoking. It feels good to wake up and realize that you are still going strong and motivated!

Why did I dream about cheese in the first place?

May be because I was thinking Vegan Cheesecake during the day?! I am not sure we could call these little cakes cheesecakes but they were definitely yummy!

To read the full recipe click here >> Vegan Cheesecake

How is the vegan fast going?

I cook and innovate every day in the kitchen. I try to get complete proteins from grains and legumes and also supplement iron, vitamin B12 and a bit of protein to make sure our health is optimum!

Weight gain/loss?

Well… This week, I put a 1kg on with all the fruits I have been eating to give me energy and make it through my assignments. I also have to admit that I spent a fair bit of time experimenting with sweet snacks 😛

Since I moved in and embarked my partner on a health journey 6 months ago, I am proud to announce we have reached the 10kg loss mark! He looks happy, healthy and as a future nutritionist I can’t ask for anything else! 

Life is good, sunny here in Sydney and we are going on a road trip to Melbourne for Easter! Vegan Easter… that is going to be interesting 🙂

Speak soon

To read the full recipe click here >> Vegan Cheesecake Recipe


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