Kidney beans & Soba Noodles

So far… So good !

I am still enjoying my vegan fast and I have to admit I feel pretty good.

Not that I lost any weight (it is not my objective with this fast) but I feel lighter. I find easier to run, jump or climb up the stairs to catch my train. I have a bad knee and it has been behaving lately. I have suspected for a few months now that dairy products could increase my symptoms. These 7 weeks will be a good personal test.

We eat a lot of beans at the moment… Our guts are quite strong hehe


Here is one of the meal I came up with this week:

  • Soba noodles > made of wheat and buckwheat, they are rich in protein, dietary fibre and have a low GI (Glycaemia Index)
  • Sprouted mung beans > for their digestive enzymes
  • Broccoli > you need to eat your greens! There are so many good things about broccoli. It is best to eat it raw in order to get most of the calcium, fibre, folic acid as well as vitamin A and C
  • Sesame seeds > are rich in Calcium
  • Kidney beans > for their fibre and protein content
  • Fresh tomato sauce with basil > good source of lycopene and it tastes great. Fresh herbs are a good way to flavour your dish and a great source of phytonutrients!
  • A pinch of salt and pepper

What do you think | Qu'en pensez vous | Qué te parece ?

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