Going vegan / fasting for 7 weeks?

I have been pondering the idea for the last two years.

My partner is Orthodox and fasts every year, for seven weeks. Not that he does it for religious convictions, but he likes to respect the tradition and official dates. Since day 1, I thought it could be interesting to try but I always backed up a few days before he started to fast.

Now that I am his ‘nutritionist’ and ‘chef’, he is asking for my cooking and nutrition advice to be adjusted. This Vegan fast means no animal foods in our diet. Bye bye eggs, dairy products (milk, butter, cheese!!!), meat, fish… Technically I could have fish once a week, as the Orthodox do.

For a Vegan diet: Yes or No?


  • I am afraid to be very tired, moody, cranky, horrible, emotional, a real pain in the … [You get the idea].
  • I am scared that my body will be missing the essential amino acids, nutrients and vitamins you can only find in animal products.
  • Seven weeks is a long period of time and I have a lot to do between school and work. How is my brain going to cope with that?
  • As busy as I am, am I going to be able to be creative, original and quick to prepare delicious, yummy and nutritious food? I know there are many amazing recipes out there. Are they really that easy to make? Am I going to be bored in a few days?
  • I am not Orthodox myself, so I need to know I do this challenge for the right reasons. If I decide to go for it, I want to make the 7 weeks. I can’t imagine giving up. 


  • I have been eating too many dairy products this week so I am sort of looking for a break. There are nice substitutes like nut milk, nutritional yeast, coconut milk or yoghurt,…
  • I heard a vegan diet can be very good as a detox. It helps clearing the mind.
  • It is an experience. As a future nutritionist, I need to truly understand the nutritional requirements and lifestyles of my patients.
  • Going on a Vegan diet, can actually give a break to my cells. I am under the impression that I do not eat much animal products but may be I realize I was completely wrong.
  • Eating less animal products would be a sustainable act. I could be proud of seven weeks of cruelty free eating. I hear you Dad… Who knows how much our vegetables are screaming when we are eating them!
  • I bought a few supplements for my partner. Fasting yes, lacking vitamins and minerals no way. So far, we have some vitamin B12, a rice sprouted protein powder, some green powder and antioxidants mix.


In a nutshell, after two years of thinking, I imagine that tomorrow morning I will start to fast for 7 weeks… No animal products, alcohol or refined sugars for me. The fast starts tomorrow Monday 18th of March and ends on my birthday (Sunday 5th of May)! What a celebration day lol

Wish me luck! 


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