Natural self-derision

I personally try to be as natural as possible and do not consider myself as extreme as some people out there. I am not really a hippie, quite a city girl instead but I have been curious to discover some natural remedies. Here is a funny or interesting selection I came across.

A little bit of self-derision cannot hurt anyone 🙂

 You know you are deeply involved in natural therapies/health when:


  • Your cooking oil is in the bathroom and you use it as a natural deodorant or remove make-up.
  • Your face cream is kept in the fridge with your nuts and seeds to preserve the omega 3 and 6!
  • You brush your teeth with baking soda.
  • You sleep with a garlic clove or onion in your ear to fight an infection
  • You are a female and you insert plain natural organic yoghurt in a very private part of your body to get rid of thrush
  •  The words ‘toxins’, “radiations’ and ‘organic’ are used a least five times every single organic and toxin and radiation free day
  • You wear heated cabbage leaves inside your bra to relieve mastitis
  • You eat kale chips instead of normal potato chips!
  • ….

Did you hear or have any funny conception of natural therapies?



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