Nutrition = Confusion

The more I know, the less I know. The more I study nutrition, the more confused I could be.

Nowadays it is possible to find surveys and marketing campaigns about every single diet or nutrient.

“Are carbs good? Are fats good? Do we need to take Omega 3? How much do I need to take of…”




Saturated fats were considered the main cause of coronary diseases in the 1950’s. Nowadays they blame it on too many simple carbohydrates. I wonder what we will recommend in the next 50 years! I came to realize that I will try to stick to the

3 principles below: 

  1. Listen to your body: listen to the signals and the foods that agree or not with you
  2. Eat whole and home-made foods (if possible organic, not sprayed and GMO free) >> good quality and nutrient rich foods!
  3. Eat a little bit of everything in moderation (advice from my parents!)



  • Because your body knows best what is good or not. Being bloated, tired or having stomach cramps is not normal. Your body might be trying to tell something… In my opinion, taking a pill to get rid of the symptom, will not fix the underlying cause. Foods intolerances and allergies can come in different forms and symptoms (such as headaches, joint pain, eczema …).
  • Knowing what you eat help to improve the relationship one may have we food. We all have to eat but not everyone has a passion for food. Some many health claims end up confusing a lot of us. By cooking and learning about the different ingredients, it becomes much easier to improve the relationship with food.
  • Under or over eating are well known causes of disease such as anorexia nevrosa or obesity. If we eat a broad range of food in small quantities we provide our body with all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients required. Do you have cravings? I reckon now and again it is better to indulge once so you can stop thinking about it and keep sane. But it is not because you indulged that you can throw the towel and give up on your health journey till next year’s resolutions. Food cravings can also hide deficiencies. As I said it is important to listen to your body!


In my opinion: 

Healthy diet + Healthy lifestyle => Healthy body + Healthy mind


Obviously there are exceptions and everyone has a different story and body, but those are my main principles… for now 😉


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